Things To Know About Colon And Rectum Surgery

A patient in need of surgery will have to be under the same doctor’s treatment for quite a long time. As a patient one must definitely think about the comfort level with the doctor.People, suffering from diseases related to colon and rectum, need to consult doctors. Though first steps are definitely changes in food habit and lifestyle, medications are also used. But there are patients who cannot be cured with these things. Such patients are in need of surgical procedures. They require treatment of a surgeon. There is not one problem regarding the rectum and colon that is cured with surgery. There are quite a few of them. In this article, we are going to discuss about the basic things that surgeons can treat.

Conditions that are treated:

Colorectal surgery refers to a number of surgical procedures that are done to treat quite a few conditions of rectum, anus and colon. There are several techniques that are used during the procedure. Cancer of bowel, colon and anus is treated with surgery. Conditions, like polyps, cysts and tumors, are removed through surgery. Crohn’s disease, IBD and ulcerative colitis require intervention of an experienced surgeon. Anal fissure, irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids also fall under the list. Fecal incontinence, diverticulitis, fistula and abscess are also treated with surgery. Visit for rectal prolapse surgery.


Surgery including hemorrhoid surgery Melbourne can be done with modern minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. These surgeries can remove the colon completely or partially as needed. Now, endoscopy and laparoscopy are the part of most colorectal procedures. These two procedures help to get a clear view of the bowel that helps during the surgical procedure. It also helps in making the surgical procedure much safer. The techniques and procedures that are used on a patient are discussed in details with the patient to make all the things clear to him. The patient must know all these properly and ask for any further information if needed.