Replace Your Hips Totally!

There are various reasons by which hip replacement in Gold coast can occur due to the inflammation of the joint of hips. This is not a very rare cause, it happens even in normal conditions. It happens due to the injury to the joint which causes the break down of cartilage tissue. This thing causes the pain, swelling and redness in the bone and when you sit, you feel uncomfortable. The cartilage tissue is a soft rubber type material which is at the both ends of the bones in the joints and is composed of protein and water. Its function is to reduce the friction between the joints and it absorbs the force when you apply pressure or walk or stand. When high pressure is applied, it contracts due to the high-water content in its formation. Once when this tissue is damage it will not be grown again by the body.   

In the beginning, it might be difficult to know the exact location of the problem because, the position of the pain changes in most of the cases.  A patient may feel pain during walking or sitting for long time on a same pose. The other reasons for the cause may include the genetic defects, the person might be putting extra pressure on the hips, overweight is the reason for this problem. The other problem for the hip can be labral tears. It happens due to the falls or jumping in different positions, the accidents could also be the cause.  The most common symptoms may include a feeling of clicking when you move your leg or try to walk. You may also feel your hips getting harder. Then there comes Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in which extra bone starts to grow on either side of hips or maybe both sides of hips. Due to this problem, a patient may feel uncomfortable while sitting or may feel pain.  

Hip fracture can also occur when you are aged and your bones are getting weaker. It can also happen due to accidents. Hip fracture is a serious problem and it can get severe if not treated on time. According to a study fifty percent of people don’t get to the normal life after hip fracture. If you feel any pain in your hip or are unable to hold the weight and your leg starts to pain, there occur swelling at the hip or you could not stand after falling down. These are all the symptoms of hip fracture, if you experience any of these then you must see a doctor as this is not something that you should take easy. It can get serious very fast.  surgery-hip